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Genie Intellicode 1
Remote Control Programming Instructions.

These programming instructions are for any of the remotes pictured below. is a public service website brought to you by Garage Door Supply Company. It is a website designed to help Genie garage door opener owners with commonly asked questions, programming instructions, technical support and finding local garage door repair and service companies that deal with Genie products.

How do I Program my Genie Intellicode remote control?
Programming a Genie Intellicode remote control is very simple.
Follow these simple steps below.

1. Locate the Learn Code Button and Learn Indicator LED light.

a. The Learn Code Button and Learn Indicator light is usually located on either on the front of the machine behind the Light cover, or on the rear of the machine. It is always located directly above the antenna wire.
b. The learn button is usually very small and black or red.
c. The Learn indicator LED light is always red.


2. Program Remote Control to your Genie Garage Door Opener.

a. Press and release the Learn Code Button on the operator. (DO NOT HOLD the learn button unless you want to erase the machines memory and disable all programmed transmitters.(*see below))

b. The learn indicator light will blink twice per second.

c. Immediately Press the button on the remote that you want to operate the door.

d. The learn indicator light will go solid.

e. Press the same button of the remote once more.

f. The Learn indicator will go out. (on some machines it will flash and go out)

g. Your Genie Remote is now programmed.

3. Test Your Remote Control.

a. Make sure the door is clear from obstructions, vehicles, people, ladders and pets. Then press the same button you programmed in the previous steps. The door should operate. If the door does not operate, repeat the steps above again. If the door still does not operate, check your wall console (wall button) lock switch to make sure it has not been switched to the lock position. If it is in the locked position, switch to unlock and repeat the steps again.

4. Program additional remotes.

a. Repeat the steps above for each remote you want to program to your opener. Again, remember, DO NOT Hold the learn button while programming or you will disable any remote you have previously programmed.

b. Genie Intellicode Garage Door Opener will store up to 7 remote transmitters or 6 remotes and 1 Wireless keypad in its memory. Programming you your vehicles HomeLink system counts as one of these transmitters

*Clearing All Transmitter Codes from your machines memory.
You may want to erase the machines memory if any of the following conditions apply.
o If your remote has been lost or stolen.
o If you have recently bought your home from someone else.
o If you want to disable any remotes
o If you have forgotten or do not know the PIN number to a wireless keypad. You will need to do this before reprogramming the keypad.

To clear the machines memory

a. Press and hold the Learn Code button until the Learn Indicator Light turns off. This usually takes about 10 to 12 seconds.

b. Test any existing remotes by pressing the remote button. All remotes should now be disabled.

c. Re-program all remote controls following the steps above.

Simplified Programming Instructions

 1. Locate the Learn Code Button.

2. Press and Release Learn Code Button one time.

3. Immediately Press Remote Control Button two times to program.

4. Press remote control button one more time to test.

5. Repeat steps 1 thru 4 for each additional remote control.